It is important to properly bed in new brakes pads and rotors to lay the foundation for optimal performance and longevity of these vital components. The goal is to form a smooth and uniform layer of friction material on the rotor surface to eliminate random patches that can cause vibration when applying the brakes.  


Basic Procedure: 

1. After installing your new pads or rotors, find an empty stretch of road and apply the brakes with        light and consistent pedal pressure from about 30 to 40 mph without allowing the car to come        to a complete stop.  

2. After completing this initial sequence, you can allow the car to come to a complete stop by             applying moderate pedal pressure. 

3. For the first 150 to 300 miles, try to avoid applying excessive pressure when coming to a                 complete stop.  

4. Do not allow the brakes to drag during this period.  

5. Enjoy your new stopping power.