When ordering parts, it is essential that your car is identified exactly, by model and serial number. 

Since the changes made by the factory in the course of production have been followed over the years by individual changes made by each owner, it can be extremely difficult in some cases to correctly identify some of the components of your car. To compound the problem, some states title a car by its year of sale rather than the year of its manufacture.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to give us the information we need to supply you with the proper parts, we have found that the common practice of referring to the car series by its engine size(948,1098,1275, & 1500) works quite well and have adopted this system for our listings where possible. Where further detail seemed necessary, we have used the “Mark Series” and “model year” (which should not be confused with the build date). In a few cases, especially in the later cars, we have cited engine and body parts.

For the sake of simplicity, we delete the alpha-numeric prefix from the change points in our application. Example G-AN4-72033 is (c)72033. These letters will pinpoint certain production features but will not affect the application of individual parts as listed. Considering the few remaining “original” Sprites and Midgets, this seems to be a rational system that covers most applications.